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Requirements for Boiling Water after a Waterline Repair

In a situation of a waterline repair we send a message to all water Customers. We have two waterlines that feed the Borough, an 8”  line and a 12″ line. We are not able to select customers on just those lines as Customers could be on either line. Sending a message to all Customers makes everyone aware that their water may be affected in some way.

DEP says that if you have:

A total loss of water you need to boil your water for 3 minutes for drinking and cooking.

If you have water, but at low pressure you do not need to boil the water. 

Office procedure: Initial call and/or text from the Municipal Authority to let you know there is a water leak.

A second call and/or text to let you know the repair is fixed and the water is restored. This will alert the residents who completely lost water, to start boiling water. (At times the water is restored in the middle of the night. A call will be sent in the morning to let you know that the situation is resolved and so not to startle sleeping residents. If you arise and the water is on, assume you should boil until you received this second call. ) If you are unsure if you had a complete loss of water, assume you had a complete loss and boil until you receive notice to stop.

The Municipal Authority is to obtain water samples to be tested for contamination. When the test results return clear of contamination, a final call and/or text will be sent notifying the residents to stop boiling.

After any waterline repairs you may experience cloudy water. If your water is cloudy white this is just air and will dissipate in a few minutes. If your water is slightly dirty this will clear as residents use the water. If water is extremely dirty notify the Borough Office at 814-267-3837.

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