Berlin Borough
700 North Street
Berlin, Pa. 15530
814 267-3837 Phone
814-267-3017 Fax
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The Borough’s New Notification System

The new call out system is a little different from the old system. This new system uses the following numbers to send the call,

855-566-9659 and 855-568-7665. These numbers will show on your caller ID. Also, most messages will not be repeated.

Messages received by some answering machines may not be clear.  We will be sending a call and/or a text. If you wish

to have only one or the other, please contact the Borough Office so that we can set up your account in a preferred status.

Also, contact the Borough Office if your number changes or if you remove your home phone. Please provide an alternate

phone number. Notices will be sent for planned power outages, water disruptions, refuse collection

changes and other changes or events in the Borough.

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